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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 21, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> neil: nancy -- scott wows? welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto this is all you need to know about how big a deal scott brown is in washington. don't believe me, believe nancy. >> in its present form without any change, i don't think it's possible to pass the senate bill in the house. >> neil: nancy saying that hours after scott was saying this. >> everybody's a 41st vote now and i don't think it's just republicans. there's a sense not only in massachusetts but around the country that the back room deals and lack of transparency and solving problems is getting old. >> neil: get ready, washington is getting a revolution and one mike huckabee saw it coming. former governor and fox host joining me. stuff you saw come something
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materializing. what do you make of them retrenching? >> it's a first sign of reality that they expressed in months. they have been pushing this healthcare bill nobody wanted and listened only to themselves. and they've even really kind of hidden themselves from the very people they work for. their bosses. they don't want town meetings or go to the districts. they stayed until christmas eve. i'm not sure santa claus showed up but the election was an inescape able touch of reality and they no longer could act like the people really want this. we're just hearing from tea baggers. no when you lose a sent seat held by democrats since 1952 in the most blue of blue states in america an it's not close, that's a wakeup call where there's a five-alarm sound going off. >> neil: there's also a pass of
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an olive branch to the republicans who -- let's see what we can craft. republicans could say no, hoist them on their own or they could strike a deal before the midterm elections on something that would offer protection for preexisting conditions, that sort of thing. what do you think they'll do? >> if smart they'll look for issues they can agree on. the republicans can't say we're against everything you want to propose because americans understand there are -- >> neil: why not? >> that's when the house and senate both had a 2,000-page bill nobody read. when they come out the with specific pieces and doable in small are chunks. >> neil: you think these what they'll do. they'll do that and if republicans are in record opposed to any one of those chunks, boomerang. >> then they look like
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obstructionist. they're just against the 2,000-page horse choker of a bill that, when passed, was going to raise the deficit, raise taxes, cripple small business is not destroy it and not do what it was intended to do, make sure everybody has free, wonderful healthcare reform coverage. now they say here's a problem. we have a lot of uninsured people. let's take a portion of those, developly disabled and find a way. republicans ought to join with and come to a solution. the republicans in turn ought to ask for some tort reform, get medical malpractice on the table. the democrats have to deal with them and offer concessions from both sides. >> neil: what do you think it means that the supreme court on lobbyists, they can do what they want. >> amazing the supreme court affirmed free speech. what a novel idea. the problem is it didn't go far enough. i think mccain-feingold is one
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of the most disastrous, well-intentioned but disastrous pieces of legislation jot cynics are saying them boldened these guys to continue to buy elections. >> they were already buying. >> neil: we just let them? >> not like there was no money in politics. >> neil: who gave you money? >> i was getting it in 1020. here's the point. the problem is it's not gone far enough. prohibit nothing, disclose everything. all the things we've done to reform election laws in terms of financial contributions everything has made it worse. >> neil: open up the spitting spigot -- >> if you get 100 thousands dollars from exxon and i'm running against you, i'm going to aware you out as a wholly indy sub sibry of exxon. you have to decide does that
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$100,000 turn out to be worth it compared to the grieve. let me know it came from exxon. if you can sell finance and put a million dollars of your money, don't prohibit your opponent when he raises $2,600 add a time. this was a start but they need to scrape all the nonsense out and get rid of mccain-feingold and create true little bit and freedom. >> you have exxon mobil on line one. very good to see you. >> mike huckabee. now, if passing healthcare didn't wow them, maybe whacking the bankers will. the white house wasting little time setting sights on the villain. banks and brokerage houses, like the political gift that keeps giving. the talk of reining in the guys had wall street swooning but now the dow is tumbling. banks stocks were reeling.
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look at this. all them down anywhere today from 4 to 7%. that's just today. and all of this on day that the job picture wasn't brightening. unemployment claims in the latest weeks mounting. former house speaker dennis has earth still worrying. the president ain't getting it. >> do you think we're slipping back into something? >> well, i don't think we're slipping. i don't think we've gotten out yet. i think the real solution to where we're at and the demise we're in, they have to get the economy going and stimulate the economy, create real jobs and open up capital giving people incentives to invest in small business that put money in a their businesses and right now, people are saying, look, i'm not google to do -- going to do this until i find out how much i'm being taxed. >> neil: what do you think of
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the president's war on banks? he did i dislikes them almost ah as fox. what do you make of that and how far it's going. i'm not saying they're saints but it seems like a repeated villain attack. >> it seems the president's trying to refocus and trying to move forward and today a war on banks, tomorrow a war on somebody else but we don't need a war on the free market system. banks are a necessity in our economy and you need to be able to have a free flow of exam. if you start to restrict it or crimp is down too much you hurt the economy again. >> neil: so this idea that they have to pay more and we have to judge or the government's going to be in the position of judging risky behavior, is the government capable of doing that, speaker? is the -- shut government --
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warren buffet says some regulations are in order but who will decide that? >> that's the question. we see people in government we don't want to be our judges and of course we know nobody's perfect and especially government isn't perfect. and i would go back that we have a free market system. let people make good choices and go to the banks they trust and have the banks cut the best deals they can. that's how we should determine what interest rates are, what good bank loans are, and our -- we got in this problem because the government decided to say banks, you have to make bad bank loans and it became law. and they were pushed to do it. and this really kind of put us over that precipice. we need to get government out of some of the things. >> speaker, very good save you. >> my pleasure. >> neil: what's an easy way to tap into populous rage? is the president be a populous.
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>> those of you watching certain news channels that -- which i'm not very popular, and you see folks waving tea bags around, she says i don't want government run healthcare, i don't want you melding in the private marketplace and keep your hand off my medicare. [ laughter ] true story. forget the truck. everybody can buy a truck. >> neil: larry says the president's not fooling anyone here. larry, you're saying he sending mixed messages. explain. >> absolutely. he's not a natural pop list. he cool rather than hot. he's intellectual. he's a teddy -- he's not a teddy roosevelt. he's like woodrow wilson. writes his own speeches. he's very prove soral which is a
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good thing. it doesn't mix with being pop list. a poplist has to have the fire in the belly, has to be somebody who can go after big institutions. in that case attack big business the way republican populous attacked government. it doesn't mix well with the cool persona in a is barack obama. >> we're told in the meetings, while he's ripping them a new one in public venues, when he meets in a room, it's friendly and gentlemanly and that says some mixed messages, right? >> sure. and people -- people are not stupid. they sense this. this is more of a pose. why is the pose being struck? it's being struck because of massachusetts senate, because the polls turned against healthcare, because the republicans are looked good in november. my new crystal ball projection
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from this morning has republicans picking up an additional 7 seats in the senate on top of massachusetts. bringing the democrats down to 52. they're looking for way to capture public anger, populism may be the way but you have to have the right messenger and i don't think president obama is pop russ messager. >> i'm just wondering whether it don't hunt anymore. you know? if you realize that creating various villains, whether the healthcare or insurance company and people in massachusetts said enough, with all the problems we still like what we've got. and you saw this in a couple other states, in virginia and in new jersey where these attacks and vilifying various industry groups have not registered. wouldn't you then, after that, say different tack, different approach. >> what's the other approach?
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if you're going to capture that fiery anger in the public, there are two targets, big business or big government. >> neil: there's fox. >> there's fox. we're going to leave fox out of it. but if you're a democrat, you're obviously not going to attack big government because of healthcare and the stimulus sundaying and the additional debt and tax proposals. what's left? big business, the banks, wall street. and people are angry but they're not sure anything's going to happen. they haven't seen anything happen in the last year. >> neil: we sat on that parade route on inauguration day. which you were a encyclopedia. thanks to you. what is worse, the government missing a plot to bloat up a plane? how about the intelligence director telling the american people it's going to miss the next plot. imagine a lawmaker vowing to
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>> neil: flyers nervous after the nation's intelligence chief doesn't make any promises about future bombing attempts. >> we'll make a new mistake. we won't make that one. >> neil: the next guest says americans deserve better. he might be right but man oh man that doesn't instill -- >> you know what that indicates? they're in free fall. eight years later, tens of billions of dollars later they don't have a clue. when the christmas day bomber happened that took them by surprise and they realized all the makes they made and they realize tweaking doesn't help but i'm not sure they know what to do. >> neil: how are his comments different? it's a crazy remark. from bush administration
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officials say we're going to get hit again, we don't know where or when. >> the difference is if you listen to what he said prior to that, he and the other three homeland security chiefs, janet napolitano, the head of the counterterrorism unit and fbi were asked when that christmas day bomber got off that plane, did you know he was going to be read the right to remain silent and you wouldn't be able to interrogate him? they said. no that was the justice department. what's going on? these people are supposed to protect us and just let that guy not be interrogated. when i got off that plane, he was babbling like a brook and he got read his rights and claimed up. >> neil: you view that as a mistake and if they continue doing that, it's a matter of time? >> sure. the other huge mistake is they're treating everybody the same. in a political correctness we're not profiling anybody.
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we don't need to racially profile but profile for certain behaviors. right now we're patting down grande from a grand rapids. >> neil: we have ed coch saying we do have a racially profile zoo. say all muslim men on the line, that's racially profiling but since the mayor's argument was they're the ones behind the terror attacks. >> there are certain characteristics. a cash ticket. >> i always wonder. why not pay for a round trip. you're not going to pay for it anyway. >> you mean because -- >> dumber things they do. >> penny wise and pound foolish. >> i guess. but the whole approach is wrong and this is what the christmas day bomber showed, the fort hood shooter showed us. we're blinding ourselves and we are not any safer. >> kt, good seeing you. >> great to see you.
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>> neil: scott brown in washington today, talking about cutting spending. is anyone listening? the next guest sure is. he's pushing a bill that would cut all lawmakers' pay each year the government runs a deficit. congressman is a republican from georgia.
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congressman, what reception are you getting for this? >> well, as you can imagine, it's not overwhelmingly popular. most of the discussion in washington about congressional pay is always annual cost of living adjustment, as whether it will be granted or not. talking about cutting pay is certainly one of those unusual ideas. i introduced this for the fourth time in december of 2009. it started in 2004 -- i started in 2004 with the original bill. we're still working on it and we hope we will get more colleagues who will see this is an appropriate step for us to take. >> neil: it would be pegged to the deficit getting better each year? or what? >> it would be pegged to a balanced budget. we would take the 2010 base salary and if the budget is not balanced at the end of the year, there would be a 5% cut in pay. if it persists in the second year, there would be a 10% off of the original base pay.
4:24 pm
i believe that you know and all of us know that the pain of deficit spending is certainly something that the american public feels, but more importantly our children and grandchildren are going to feel it. it's not felt many times as we discuss it on the floor of congress. this way it becomes personal. >> neil: all right. and this way it also reminds folks they don't want to do what you want to do. so, now you have to look at the realities you face. we have this big election, scott brown in the senate coming to washington for the day. hope springs eternal, i know, for republicans, but is anything really going to change on the spending, making the deficit work and the debt clock we're showing, congressman, continuing to show more red numbers? >> well, i'm hoping that the election that took place this week will begin to send that kind of message. i think that people are becoming concerned about a $12 trillion debt. a $1.24 trillion deficit for the last year.
4:25 pm
those are the things that are not numbers any longer and they begin to hit home in a downturn economy. i am hoping they will get better. >> neil: all right. congressman, very good having you. very novel idea. one of these days we might -- >> thank you. >> neil: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> . >> never again will the american taxpayer be held hostage by a bank too big to fail. >> neil: what about all of the bail-out dough? the next guest says the government is holding more than $300 million in tarp cash hostage. senate is shooting down. the amendment to kill tarp and use money to reduce deficit. the republican from south dakota, himself a rising star in the party, joining me now. senator, good to have you. >> good afternoon. good be with youyou, neil. >> neil: what happens now? the tarp money is out there and my impression could be wrong but it's held in reserve for credit line for whatever purpose congress deems fit. am i wrong? >> i think that is a correct assessment.
4:26 pm
what we try to do today, i offered an amendment to end it and make sure that the $320 billion you reference canned be spent for all kind -- can be spent for all kind of other things which we think they have designs on and any money that comes back in that has already been spent and paid back has to go to reduce the debt. as opposed to recycle and respent. i think the authority could become sort of a recycled political slush fund that could be used for lots of other purposes. we try taupedied end to it. this was a test. we didn't get the votes necessary for supermajoriti supermajority -- >> neil: that is significant. nancy pelosi conceding today they have to go slow on healthcare. that's mount olympus moving. you are making progress here.
4:27 pm
what has to happen now? >> what i hope will happen is the healthcare bill that is currently here will be scrapped and we can start over and do it right, do it step-by-step and focus on the measures to reduce the healthcare cost for people as opposed to increasing the cost. >> neil: before the midterm election? >> to start there. i think we should. healthcare reform is something people care about. but they didn't like the massive increase in spenning and borrowing and the medicare cut and tax increases in this bill; particularly, given the fact for most americans it would have raised their healthcare cost across the board. there are things we can do to bend the cost-curve down. i will be interested to see how the administration, the congressional leadership, the democrat leadership reacts to this now. and to us having 41 votes in the senate. we do have the votes in the senate now to be able to kill this really bad bill. the question is where will they go from here? >> neil: are you concerned that your party might get too cocky? a year ago you wanted to
4:28 pm
slislit your wrists. not you, but there was a prevailing view republicans were finished. a year or two before that, you ruled the world. these things as you know go in waves. how would you advise your colleagues? >> i have been around here long enough now to see it cycle there. there are peaks and valleys. we have to be true to the principles and beliefs. when we do that, the majority of the americans are with us. we have to make sure we stay connected to the american people and we're listening to them. they have been speaking loudly in new jersey and in virginia and now in massachusetts. and i think the question is are we listening? i believe that at least among republicans we're getting the message. we understand they care about too much borrowing, and too much taxing and too much spending and an and we will do everything to rein it in and stop that. interesting to see if we have cooperation from congress. >> neil: fun to have you on. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. you bet. >> neil: the government in the red and now the white house is looking to get green from your 401(k).
4:29 pm
john stossel calling it a disgusting money grab. he's here next. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>> neil: all right. this is among the earnings we think are consequencial and we like to report on them. google on a roll. the internet giant posting 17% rise in quarterly revenue. the profit rising $2 billion bucks. handily beating the estimates. strong internet advertising driving up the numbers. that could be a good sign for the economy. so far, investors are not
4:33 pm
satisfied. not that it means anything. i'm passing it along. after-hours trading the stock is down 4%. eric schmidt, the ceo, saying he's optimistic about this year. which is markedly different than last year at this time. we'll keep an eye on it. you know, the white house wants to protect your 401(k). it's looking to guide people in supposedly safer investments like government bonds we're told. what is really behind this now is fox business network anchor john stossel. hey, john. >> hi, neil. there is a proposal reportedly from the department of labor and the treasury that people were hurt so much in their 401(k)s by the stock market crash, they want to protect us by requiring all of us to put some of our money in annuities based on treasury bonds. >> neil: well, that's assuming the treasury bonds are safe. leaving that aside, which by the way if you got in treasury bonds at the start of the carter administration you would have regretted it by the end of the administration.
4:34 pm
>> if the chinese stop loaning us money you will really regret it. >> neil: your issue is bigger than that, right? you just think it's a big -- >> where do they get off? they have almost $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. they're just expanding the debt ceiling. they can't manage their own money and now they say we who were prudent and have retirement accounts, we have to invest with them? >> neil: they are trying to regulate the risk and how much bank takes on, then someone's risk today could be different as warren buffett told liz claman tomorrow. >> why are they smart enough to regulate risk? why not let the people who take the dumb risks fail, stop guaranteeing everything and then they would haven't to do that. >> neil: you say stay out of the 401(k)s. what i'm digging in to see this is they don't like 401(k)s. there has always been talk of
4:35 pm
get them out of them period and try alternative investment vehicle. what do you think of that? >> i don't know about that. i know they require us to keep them until we're 59. if we try to withdraw from there, there is a penalty. now that we kept them in there that long, they are going to grab them? >> neil: good point. getting some on the wires that a guy on the treasury secretary is concerned that politics is influencing this. >> no kidding. i mean when they have that much debt, they will grab for money wherever they can find it. >> neil: would she have said that prior to massachusetts? >> i don't know. i doubt it. >> neil: all right. what do you got going? >> tonight, we have energy -- >> neil: sorry. >> energy subsidiaries for alternative energy. windmills and t. boone pickens wants subsidies to start us on natural gas. maybe that's the -- where the word "boondoggle" came from, from t. boone pickens. so i have a fight with him about the subsidiaries.
4:36 pm
the idea that government subsidiaries graei i creates jo. that's just false. french philosopher wrote about it years ago, the "broken windows fallacy." and tonight arguing with pickens i try to illustrate that. >> if this really creates jobs, i can create jobs, too, with the baseball just by doing this. so, i -- >> i thought you were going to miss it. [ laughter ] >> not a chance! >> you practiced. >> right in the strike zone, too. so i just lost a piece of glass. but hey, i created a job for a glass maker. >> but i'm not destroying anything to create jobs. i'm creating something to create jobs. >> pulling pun with the tax credits from the other taxpayers who might have spent it just as i might have spent my money instead of on this glass or the person to clean it up to buy a shirt. >> and so on. they don't create jobs, the politicians, or --
4:37 pm
>> neil: you don't think the government should be incentivizing or disdisinsent vising anything? >> no. in his case it's welfare for billionaires. >> neil: how did it go afterwards? >> a gentleman, a terrific guy. i hope at age 82 or whatever he is, i'm as passionate and articulate about what i believe in. >> neil: couple of things to check with you. if it true you billed o'reilly's show for the broken glass? >> no, but now i will. it's good idea. >> neil: all right. who cleaned up the glass? >> dave, the stage manager. that's another job. john stossel created jobs. >> i'm sure dave wasn't tickle od to do it. >> he was on camera. >> neil: he knew he had to do it. john stossel, the hit star. "stossel" tonight at 8:00 p.m. on the fox business network. he just breaks precious aequipment here that we value at stock. he does what he wants. by the way, if you're not getting fox business --
4:38 pm
>> get it! >> they're so horrible at this job, they're not really -- >> pretty good. yeah. >> neil: i'm going to have them clean up broken glass. >> your standard are too tough. >> neil: john can relate to this. nbc is saying conan o'brien and the staff $45 million to leave. abc may save the job. imagine the outrage if those guys were bankers. what if i told you in a weird way, they are? >> i had a doll made of myself.
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>> neil: all right, you might have heard once or twice that nbc is finally cutting conan loose and paying o'brien and his staff $45 million to leave and go away. the last day is tomorrow. and general electric received taxpayer support in the financial crisis so people are furious about the high paid salaries and bonuses but no outrage for conan o'brien. brian sullivan joins me on that. good points. >> with all the outrage over the bonuses, right, i was thinking well, who took tarp?
4:42 pm
that's what we hear. if you take the taxpayer money you shouldn't get the big pay out. nbc is still owned by g.e., and g.e. capital got a federal backstop on $139 billion in debt. so g.e. -- >> neil: federal backs, they'll argue it's not the same as getting money. like insurance policy. >> wouldiot you like a federal backstop on your mortgage? if you don't pay the federal government would come to the rescue? i'd like to have it on any debt that i've got. >> trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. >> i don't have any glass to break but in honor of john stossel i rip up paper, no windows. that's what has happened to a lot of contracts lately as we know. i will say at least conan had a good contract. and they honored it, i suppose. paid it. where is the outrage? >> neil: good point. he's going to get all the money and -- but obviously bankers are du jour. we saw it over again today. so we're selective who we
4:43 pm
vilify, right? >> we seem to be. nbc didn't receive direct money. at the same time, if their parent money got the backstop and here they will pay $30 million plus $12 million more to his staff to walk away. like the athlete enjuried makes $10 million a year even though they're out of football or baseball, all the while they are playing in a taxpayer subsidized stadium. and ticket prices are going up. so families of four can barely afford to go to the game. where is the outrage there? where is the outrage over this? why is it just the bankers, neil? why is it just wall street? getting the -- >> neil: you're not comparing conan to a banker, or are you? >> i am. a little bit. >> neil: say hypothetically he comes to fox, right? tip t hypothetical. the first introduction in the hallway is brian sullivan and thinks you're a greedy banker, and ticks you off. >> we're both tall and irish. it might go down.
4:44 pm
if you send me packing one day, i'll be happy to take half of that. >> $40. $45. >> move the decimal. it's not a knock on conan. that is the point. >> seriously you raise -- >> he had a deal and they are -- >> neil: they have to honor the deal. >> they are honoring the deal. most wall street bankers, traders, you know that. this is in their contract. it get paid say 10% of the profit i make for abc bank. right? i made $100 million in profit. yeah, big numbers. so under my contract, i am owed $10 million. now we parade that $10 million around like oh, look at the amount of money this person is making. maybe wall street needs to change bonus to commission. i don't think any of the viewers out there would argue with a software salesman making the contract wally obligated -- car salesman for g.m., another federally backstop company. knocking them for making money under the cash for clunkers program? >> neil: good point. we obviously select who we
4:45 pm
want to pay and we don't, right? a slippery slope. >> all great movies and books need antagonist. >> neil: indeed. >> that's wall street right now. for good or bad, not defending wall street but they are the antagonist. clint eastwood rides off and this has to be somebody for clint eastwood to go after. right now they're going after wall street. >> neil: if it's the administration it's generally fox and that go back and forth. good stuff. you see things that are a tad crazy, which we like, but it's a good quality. >> if conan does happen to show up here, who knows if he will, i'm happy to arm wrestle him on the program. >> neil: brian sullivan, thank you very much. i give the edge to brian on that one. all right, meantime, you see the poor guy standing outside the store? what if i told you this is why the healthcare bill
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>> neil: a little ironic that nancy pelosi learned she didn't have the votes today to pass healthcare in a meeting behind closed doors. pollster frank lone says take the people out and you will lose out every time. he's the honor of "what americans really want." good to have you. back to the old tricks i guess, huh? >> well, it's i think one of the reason is that the ad campaign that's waged across the country. tens of millions of dollars were raised. the ads communicated that the american people were denied the right to know what was in the legislation. first the legislation was over 2,000 pages long and then you had members of congress in the senate acknowledging not having read it. then you create ads like the one i'm about to show you
4:50 pm
that made fun of the fact it was so long and so involved that you didn't know what the details were. this is one of the instant response. watch the dials. the higher the lines climb, the more favorable t reaction to the ad. this is a winter. >> this thing about the democrat healthcare plan if you want know what is going in the final healthcare bill. there is an app for that. all right. conference committee. that's weird. democrats are bypassing standard procedure. what does that even mean? whoa! what is going on in there? that closed door doesn't look transparent to me. lf all right. i'm going to find a tv. it has to be on c-span, right? >> neil: what does that mean? what was going on? >> if the ad goes above a 50, it's strong among those who voted republican. it's off the charts.
4:51 pm
among democrats it's 50. this was almost ha laughable to people watching it. same with massachusetts, it was the only way for people in america to say enough is enough. i think you will hear the three words "enough is enough" again and again between now and november. >> neil: that would mean if they push healthcare even if the smaller chunks is healthcare itself, the word, enough to give the republicans pause of helping because it's associated with bureaucratic mishmash? >> well, first off, it should be health rather than healthcare. the american people would rather focus on prevention than dealing with it when it goes wrong. there is a prevention plan out there with considerable support among republicans and democrats. you go to the provention plan and you find it on the web. just as important, the public
4:52 pm
doesn't trust washington, bureaucrats, members of congress to make essential decisions about health. they want to be involved and doctors and nurses and healthcare professionals. >> scott brown did okay bashing healthcare, though he feels supporter of mitt romney's healthcare in the state. what do you make of that? >> they saw him as no-vote in washington. make no mistake, massachusetts voters are among the most sophisticated in the country. they have the highest percentage of college graduates and they watch cable news programs and they watch the news. so they knew exactly what they were doing when they were voting for him and they knew he would vote against the position that senator kennedy had taken over the last 40 years. that is significant.
4:53 pm
if they can to, they can sign up. we are doing one the night of the "state of the union" and they, too, can have their voices heard. >> neil: how are they with you? are they scared of you? >> i'm tough on them. this has been reported. i had trouble recruiting up in massachusetts because of the martha coakley people. we had six coakley participants cancel in the last 24 hours. the only time i had mass cancellation was in 2004, iowa. howard dean participants canceled. that was my indication that people were saying you know what? i don't want to go on the air and tell people i voted for her, because i think it's -- i think the election is going the other way. >> neil: good stuff. interesting. thank you. >> pleasure. >> neil: they took the marching orders and avoided fox, didn't they? look what happened? coincidence? let me report and i'm going to let you decide. ( inspiring music playing )
4:54 pm
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>> neil: finally tonight, if you know someone is about to drive you off the cliff and you're in the backseat, wouldn't you want to just jump out of the car? why do so many democrats take advice from the leaders driving them off the same cliff with the same results? i mean is it me? or have you noticed a pattern that the ones who avoid fox, even target, fox and boycott fox. voters seem to boycott them. we must have made 20 callous on this show alone to martha coakley's office in massachusetts. nada, zilch, zippo, she loses. scott brown returned all our calls, every single one, came on when he could. wins. then there is jon corzine. i must have called the former new jersey governor 30 times and the only time i got him is when i literally grabbed him in the rain on a roof for a special 9/11 anniversary show. i was wet, he was mad, it was
4:58 pm
short. he was defeated. the guy he ripped the during the campaign, chris christie followed up on all our requests, all our questions and he won. same with the democratic candidate in virginia. blew us off every time and voters blew him off just one time. republican candidate cassan and the voters blew him in. i'm not saying we make a difference or i made a difference. i am saying this says something about the losing side in difference to us and to you. obviously, someone, somewhere is telling the democrats don't go on fox. there is no up side to going on fox. now you would think by now, some of these folks would be asking themselves okay, we didn't go on fox. where the hell is the up side? i tell you where. nowhere. isn't it remarkable that the brave democratic souls that ignore that stupid advice do okay. democratic pennsylvania
4:59 pm
governor ed rendell goes on fox and i think he polled pretty well. new york congressman naint weiner comes on fox and fox business and he polls really well. they didn't get the marching orders or maybe if they did they decided to ignore it because they figured they could hand it and us and they did and have, like other independent minded democrats, like evan bayh or elyia cummings or dennis kucinich or steny hoyer, or michael dukakis or george mcgovern. all too big to be petty. and all too busy to be small. which is why they are all still around and influential. unlike those who no longer are and never will be. it's weird. all right. that will do it here. one hour from now: did the world's richest man or second richest man just say the president of the united states is going a little too far? far? tonight on fbn.


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